How to prepare a competitive project proposal   



How to apply in 8 Steps

Step 1 - Make the pre-register CLICK HERE

  • Note that you can apply for several colleagues from your Institution


Step 2 - Receive the confirmation of the pre-register

  • With that email, you will send important information to your apply


Step 3 - To apply, you must have the ECAS register (European Commission Authentication Service) – enter as External

Note: If you need help, you can see it at ECAS User Manual and the FAQ section.


Step 4- With the ECAS register, you can now register your institution on the Participant Portal. This register allows you to have the PIC (Participants Identification Code), without the PIC is not possibel apply. The PIC code have 9 digits.


Step 5 - Download the Ka1 action form from your National Agency Click Here


Step 6 - Fill the form – This is the most important part


Step 7 – Submit your application form

  • The deadline to apply is February 5th 2019 (12h CET)


Step 8 – Good Luck!!!