How to prepare a competitive project proposal   



How to apply in 7 Steps

Step 1 - Make the pre-register CLICK HERE

  • Note that you can apply for several colleagues from your Institution


Step 2 - Receive the confirmation of the pre-register

  • With that email, you will send important information to your apply


Step 3 - To apply, you must have the ECAS register (European Commission Authentication Service) – enter as External

Note: If you need help, you can see it at ECAS User Manual and the FAQ section.


Step 4- With the ECAS register, you can now register your institution on the Participant Portal. This register allows you to have the Organization ID ( before this was the PIC), without the Organization ID is not possibel apply


Step 5 - Fill the form – This is the most important part


Step 6 – Submit your application form

  • The deadline to apply is February 5th 2020 (12h CET)


Step 7 – Good Luck!!!